Broadband and TV sale: up to £108 off Virgin deals including BT Sport and 200+ channels

The Virgin Full House broadband and TV bundle doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care whether you enjoy watching 22 grown men kick around an air-inflated bit of leather on BT Sport, if you get your thrills from watching Andrew Lincoln giving zombies the run around on Fox, or revel in original sitcoms and dramas on Sky One.

All these channels are included in the 230+ offered by Virgin Media's Full House bundle along with up to pulverising 100Mb broadband speeds. And if you sign up for it by next Monday, you'll save £72 thanks to the internet provider's latest flash Sale.

Read on to discover more about the offer, which is one of the best broadband and TV deals on the market right now. And if you need more channels and faster broadband still (you animal, you!), then we'll also tell you about the sale on Virgin's all-singing all-dancing VIP bundle.

Virgin Media Full House broadband and TV bundle flash sale:

Upgrade to Virgin's reduced VIP broadband and TV bundle:

Is Virgin fibre broadband available in my area?

Around 60% of the UK households are now able to receive superfast Virgin broadband. It's easy to discover whether you're one of the lucky 3-in-5 - head to our dedicated Virgin broadband deals page, enter your postcode where indicated at the top of the page and if deals show as available then you're laughing.

If no results are returned, then head to our best broadband deals page instead and do exactly the same thing to see whether you can get superfast fibre broadband with another provider, such as BT Infinity.

Existing Virgin Media broadband customers

Sorry, the Virgin website confirms that the sale prices are for new customers only. But there's no harm in trying to get your hands on the new rate, so if you're already a Virgin broadband customer then we suggest that you check with customer services before trying to place an order.

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