World Cup of sports games: cast your vote for the ultimate franchise of all time

The FIFA World Cup is approaching and it’s really getting us into a competitive spirit which is why we’ve decided to host the world cup of sports video games as part of our World Cup season celebration. 

Like athletes, not all sports games are made equal – some just perform better than others. And sometimes we just have loyalties we can’t explain. 

Here you’ll find a collection of the biggest and best names in the sports game world and we want you to vote for the games you think deserve to be awarded the title of Best Sports Game. 

It's semi finals time. Again we got more than 900 votes in our last round which has helped us take the numbers from eight down to four. But this time we want you to narrow it down to the final two. Vote for your favorite franchise across these two groups and we'll be one step closer to our winner. 

Group 1

Group 2

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