Galaxy S8 deals prices just fell…again: 3GB data for £23 a month, free upfront on O2

We remember, vaguely, when the Samsung Galaxy S8 came out. Back in the heady days of Spring in 2017. We knew then that the S8 was a special phone and, even since the advent of the Galaxy S9 earlier this year, the S8 remains one of the very best Android mobile phones on the market.

Despite remaining one of the world's best smartphones, the passing of time has meant that Samsung Galaxy S8 deals have gotten ridiculously good. Although you can now get it for less than £20 per month, we reckon the new tariff dropped by Mobile Phones Direct is now the best value S8 deal on the market.

For just an extra fiver a month - but without a single penny to pay upfront - you can triple your data to a decent 3GB per month and get the galaxy S8 on the O2 network. That means you'll also be privy to all those lovely O2 Priority rewards, which include free coffees, discounted dinners and first dibs on loads of great concerts, shows and gigs.

There's more on this brilliant new Galaxy S8 tariff below, as well as the best of the rest if you need to grab more data for surfing, streaming and downloading.

The best value Samsung Galaxy S8 deal in the UK today:

Today's other best Galaxy S8 deals:

We know that 3GB isn't going to suit everybody, and some people just have an aversion to O2 it seems. So if you know you want the S8 but aren't fully convinced by the above deal, then one of these three could do the trick instead:

- Galaxy S8 on EE from Affordable Mobiles: 8GB data, unlimited calls and texts for £30 per month and £54.99 upfront

- Galaxy S8 on Vodafone from Buymobiles: 20GB data, unlimited calls and texts for £35 per month and FREE upfront

- Galaxy S8 on EE from Direct Mobiles: 30GB data, unlimited calls and texts for £33 per month and FREE upfront